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How Visitation Rights Are Determined By The Court

How Visitation Rights Are Determined By The Court

If there are children born within a marriage and their parents subsequently divorce, one of the most important aspects of that divorce that those parent’s need family lawyers to help them with, is visitation rights.

In many cases, these are negotiated amicably, and both the parents, and more importantly, the children, do not need to experience the angst and the stress of a protracted disagreement, and court appearances.

Sadly, in those cases where the parents cannot agree, it can be that one parent is refusing to allow the other to see their children. On the other side of the coin, the parent who responsible for spousal and child support may refuse to pay any, unless they get the visitation rights that they want, rather than what is appropriate.

Whatever the specifics of a failure to agree on visitation rights which both parents are happy with, the likelihood is that the matter will need to be decided by the court. Here, it will be for a judge to listen to both sides and then determine what visitation will take place.