Finding legislation

As I posted yesterday, this is the first of two posts containing short reference documents I put together to consolidate the information I gained through lectures on finding legal material. This document concerns finding legislation.

Feel free to comment and add your own resources/tips and reuse this document under the terms of the CC license this site uses.

Types of legislation


Acts of Parliament or Statutes
Public General Acts – Apply nationally
Local/Personal Acts – Apply to an individual/locality
Debates published in Hansard
Green Papers – Consultative documents
White (Command) Papers – Policy documents
Orders in Council

Statutory Instruments – made under the authority of statute
Other rules, codes, orders with the force of law
Locations of legislation

UK and Scottish statutes and statutory instruments in force
Historic view allowing you to look at the legislation as it was at a certain date – goes back to 1992
Shows cases citing the legislation
Shows other legislation that applies or refers to the Act

Lexis Nexis
Annotated UK Statutes, UK Statutory Instruments, Scottish Statutes and Scottish Statutory Instruments as updated and amended
Halsbury’s Laws of England – an encyclopaedia providing a narrative view of the law based on topics.
Whether an Act or part of an Act is in force

UK Acts of Parliament, including Scottish Acts as updated and amended
Cross reference amended and amending acts
Repealed statutes from 1235 onwards