Finding case material

Finding case material

Unfortunately I was very busy with visiting the County Court for the day and then going to the Space Society meeting so I wasn’t able to post this as I said I would, but here it is now!

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Sources of case material

Pre 1865 – Nominate Reports

Found in the “English Reports”
Post 1865 – The Law Reports (Incorporated Council of Law Reporting)

Official law reports, approved by judges and preferred in court
Under 200 cases per year
25 series, of which 4 are reported today
AC – Appeal cases in House of Lords
Ch – Chancery Division
QB – Queen’s Bench Division
Fam – Family Division
Post 1936 – All England Law Reports

Report quicker than The Law Reports
Post 1954 – Weekly Law Reports

Report quicker than The Law Reports
Locations of case material

Provides summary, where reported, links to full text, case history, cases cited, citations to the case, case comments.

The Law Reports
Criminal Appeal Reports
Weekly Law Reports
Lexis Nexis
Full text of case, citations to the case

The Law Reports
All England Law Reports
The Law Reports
Weekly Law Reports
Family Law Reports
English Reports
Lawtel, Casetrack, BAILII