Last week was my first week on a full and proper timetable, which is split between lectures and seminars. I had prepared the work I needed to for the seminars and this weekend I have been doing the same – preparing for the seminars for this coming week.

We haven’t really been “taught” much law so far – a lot of the lectures and seminars have been focused around an introduction to the modules. So when the second piece of work for the Obligations I seminar was set, I was a little surprised at what the question was. For example:

What is the likely (legal) outcome in the following situations?
1. Gary had installed a new kitchen for his friend Dave. When Dave bought a new car, he promised to give Gary his old car when the new one was delivered. Garry accepted, but Dave later changed his mind and decided to sell the car instead.

7. Martha rents out rooms in her flat for £300 per month. When James, one of her tenants, unexpectedly lost his job, she told him that she would accept half the rent from him, as she thought this would be easier than finding a new tenant. Two months later, James finds another job – but when Martha says the rent should go back to £300 per month, he tells her he doesn’t have to pay that much any more.

My first thought was that we hadn’t been taught where to start with these kind of questions, but then I remembered that in actual fact, I had everything I needed with the “Overview of Contract” booklet that we’d been given, and the books that I had bought. First lesson learnt: there is no spoon feeding here; you’re given what you need but it’s up to you to make use of it and find the answers yourself – so much different from A Level.

And that’s how it should be. It was really satisfying to be able to use the materials I had on my own to find the answers – or at least my interpretation of the material to provide an answer. It’s a great feeling and I enjoyed doing it, which shows that I have chosen the right subject.

It’s also very satisfying to see my site being mentioned in the Blawg Review! #78 was hosted by Human Law this week and I got a mention!